vacuum in the road

ivanna roadside vacuum copy

Ever since we tore the carpet out of our house, I have been trying to decide how I would clean the hard wood.  I have been using a broom, but have thought about a dust mop, vacuum with a hard floor attachment, or a special little one that could be turned into a dust buster!  I have tried to pray about this, because it is not something I need and it might be something I would get and end up just wasting my money on!  Tonight my prayers were answered!  I was driving down the snowy roads, when out in the middle of the road is a small hard floor vacuum!!  I passed it thinking it must be junk, then thought how crazy it would be if that were the vacuum that God had for me!  I went back got it and brought it home to find it worked great and came apart to double as a dust buster!  Alisha right away said, “Mom has been trying to decide what she needed for our floor!  I think God answered her prayers, lets thank Him right now!”  We all stopped in the kitchen as Alisha Thanked God for providing exactly what we needed!  So all that to say, I am blessed, and if you lost your little vacuum please let me know! – By Ivanna Sibert Leffring


earrings in the snow

earring in the snow copy“I really, really, really like serving a God who hears the prayers of those who follow Him!  I went to the Martin’s house this morning to work on some homework.  After sitting at a table for about an hour, I realized that one of my earrings was missing.  I got up from my chair and started searching.  I followed my path out to my car while praying.  Lying in the snow in the driveway was my wet earring.  I dare you to ask God for help with the little things in life.  I really think He likes blowing our minds.” – Rebekah Sibert

my pink sticky

pink stickyAfter doing my financial planning this month, I put a sticky note on my desk so that God and I could be on the same page when it came to what I was hoping to see on Andy’s last paycheck. (Being in sales, his paycheck amounts differ from paycheck to paycheck). I was a bit disappointed on Thursday when the amount was less than I had on my sticky note, but yesterday I opened my mail and found an unexpected gift from someone (I don’t get often, by the way) in the amount of $1,200. It did not dawn on me till this morning (when I was on my treadmill and saw my sticky note) to do the math, and I found that I was $24 ahead of what I had put on my (and God’s) sticky note… How cool is that!

my brown shoes

brown shoes

I am admiring my new, cute corduroy “toms knock offs” from dollar general (6$)… After looking at payless for some cheap slip-ons (no brown and gray was $20), I decided to pray and ask God to help me find some cheap or free ones if it was ok with Him. On my way home from dog park I stopped in at Dollar General (the store I was horrified to be seen in as a teenager) and look what I found (one of two pairs of this style left and the only size 7! Thank you, Lord for helping me out! (Shopping trips with God are fun… and in this case quick, which is what I really like!) – Caree March

andy’s lost wedding ring

wedding ring foundGod helped Andy out once, when we were in Florida, and he had been playing football with some guys. When they were done, he noticed his wedding ring was missing. They all helped him look for it for quite a while, but unfortunately the hunt was unsuccessful. Andy then decided to pray for God’s help, and within minutes looked down and saw the ring in the grass. His intel is not limited to the numbers He’s placed on our hairs… Think of all the other details (in our lives this very moment) He is very aware of! I bet He loves getting to use His infinite knowledge to help us out like this when we give Him a chance!

janice’s rocking chair

rockerMy friend, Janice, once moved into her new Chicago apartment and had very little furniture (and not much in her pockets to spend).  She decided to ask God to provide a comfortable rocking chair for her to enjoy during her times in the Word with Him.  I can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was within hours that she ran into someone in her elevator with a rocking chair they needed to get rid of.  I still really love that story!

my surprise battery

batteryOne time I needed a new car battery (for a road trip I planned on taking), but was broke. My car sat on the curb for 2 weeks before I finally decided to just put the new battery on my credit card and call it a day (to my shame, it never occurred to me to ask God to provide this for me). Before I went inside, I decided to look at the receipt that was in the little plastic pocket (just to make sure it was not under warranty). To my amazement, I was shocked to see that the date on my watch was the last day on the warranty. I walked out of Walmart that day with a free battery. Isn’t it a nice thought to know that God has the whole world in his hands? He knows what we need (often before we do) and loves to provide (sometimes before we even think to ask him).

my triumph spitfire

caree spitfireAs a teen, I remember dreaming of owning my own “super cute” sporty convertible.  I had also dedicated my life to God, which I knew included having my heart set on “Heavenly” stuff instead of the “things” of this world.  I figured I’d probably not ever have much money, therefore I chose to lay that dream aside (instead of actively working toward it).  Along the way I remember running into cars here and there that I thought would fit that “super cute” dream I could never quite shake.  I’d talk to the Lord about them and at one point remember even thanking God for giving such a  nice treat to someone else!  When I was around 19yrs old, God blessed me with my dream car.  I had no money, but He made a way. (My dad purchased it for me, and asked me to pay Him $.10 per mile I drove it till the $1,200 was paid back.)  The morning after I drove it home, I remember waking up and wondering if my new toy had only been a dream… God and I had some good times together in that car and it was through that car He really taught me that He KNEW my desires and that I could trust Him with my heart.


my bike

ImageI Wish I could find a picture of my first bike. It was metallic blue with rainbow banana seat and rainbow streamers coming out of the handlebars. I can’t find a picture like it anywhere online, but it was a beauty and the very first specific answer to prayer I can remember as a kid (my parents were pretty poor, but just happened to run into my dream bike at a garage sale… We had spent many nights praying for that exact bike, so you can imagine my delight when my dad brought it home!)