vacuum in the road

ivanna roadside vacuum copy

Ever since we tore the carpet out of our house, I have been trying to decide how I would clean the hard wood.  I have been using a broom, but have thought about a dust mop, vacuum with a hard floor attachment, or a special little one that could be turned into a dust buster!  I have tried to pray about this, because it is not something I need and it might be something I would get and end up just wasting my money on!  Tonight my prayers were answered!  I was driving down the snowy roads, when out in the middle of the road is a small hard floor vacuum!!  I passed it thinking it must be junk, then thought how crazy it would be if that were the vacuum that God had for me!  I went back got it and brought it home to find it worked great and came apart to double as a dust buster!  Alisha right away said, “Mom has been trying to decide what she needed for our floor!  I think God answered her prayers, lets thank Him right now!”  We all stopped in the kitchen as Alisha Thanked God for providing exactly what we needed!  So all that to say, I am blessed, and if you lost your little vacuum please let me know! – By Ivanna Sibert Leffring


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